International MBA




1 year






September, January



The International MBA is our flagship full-time MBA program in Madrid. This transformational journey shapes professionals and entrepreneurs, turning them into leaders that generate impact and drive change around the world. The program takes an integrative and innovative approach to business education by combining core business knowledge with customizable lab and elective periods in a full-time, one-year format.

A total of 45% of the program is customizable, resulting in a personalized learning experience tailored to your professional needs. During your time with us, you will cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, and develop your individual career aspirations through the innovative professional fitness program.

The program is divided into 2 periods, it starts with a Core Business Period which is complemented with 5 disruptive Lab options, and once you are ready to turn knowledge into action, the Elective Period begins. Alongside this, the program emphasizes the use of important universal skills, such as critical thinking, communication, interpersonal skills and collaboration.

Every year, we bring in students from over 75 nationalities and push them to succeed as they experience one of the most intense yet gratifying years of their lives.