Master in Digital Marketing (Part-Time)




16 months




Madrid, Online





Brands, products, services, and organizations have become customer-centric, and the key is understanding consumers to be able to predict their behaviors on- and offline. This, along with the fast pace of digital disruption, has brought Digital Marketing front and center, and marketers now need to provide a seamless experience, regardless of the channel or device. Marketing today means marketing for a digital world.

In the Master in Digital Marketing (MDM) at IE’s School of Human Sciences & Technology (HST), you will learn the basic building blocks of marketing, and you’ll obtain the comprehensive skills needed to become a well-rounded expert in digital marketing. You will acquire the industry experience and digital know-how to be able to engage potential customers and turn possibilities into results.

The Master in Digital Marketing is taught by industry experts using hands-on and practical methodologies in order to bring the real challenges digital marketing professionals face today into the classroom. You will also develop project management, team building, and communication skills.

Graduates of this program will be a new generation of nimble, digital mavericks ready to work at consumer-goods multinationals, tech companies, marketing agencies, in music and entertainment, politics, NGOs, and across many other diverse industries. They will be in high demand to fill positions in areas such as SEO/SEM, Marketing Consulting, Brand Management, and Customer Analytics Management. With this program, there are no limits to how far your digital marketing career can take you.